Tuesday, 28 February 2012

...and some more.

Someone suggested I play with the whole diamand thing.  Which, I have to admit, has a certain appeal.  I am, after all, a pretty tacky writer, heavily dependent on alliteration and stilted punctuation for effect.  So a little jeu de mot in the tag seems quite appropriate.



  1. ....i like the first one.!

    dont think u should use the word "precious" (smug connotations)
    or the word "blog" (seems unsophisticated)
    but i do like the 'facets' idea ??
    ..could it combine with the original "style file" wording which is great !
    you are the wordsmith ...spin it baby !!

  2. ... snd I like the third one the one who says "a blog with many facets"
    The facets idea is great and matches with Diamand ^_*** and plus a blog is a blog, it is up to you to make it sophis or not O_***