Monday, 27 February 2012

Measure Sur Mesure

Let's start with a sedate but celebratory piece which straddles both Pepita SF & Paris SF: the announcement by Michelin that Sur Mesure, Thierry Marx’s innovative gastronomic restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental, Paris, has been awarded 2 coveted stars, just 7 months after opening.

Well done. And well deserved.

Although the decor is like a spaceship that’s literally coming apart at the seams – imagine HAL doing battle with existential demons – the room manages to work, and work well, as a minimalist backdrop to Marx’s outstanding cuisine.

His dishes are light, aromatic and exquisite, employing Far Eastern techniques and the best local produce. Textures tantalize and flavours explode on the tongue. It’s a dining experience that stimulates and teases but never disappoints.

This is dramatic dining without being OTT - and dramatically different for Paris.

Flavour Bomb
Thierry Marx
A Two Michelin-Starred Space Odyssey

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