Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pepita Style File... and then some.

I'm not happy with random musings.  Random musings sounds so... what's the word... Uppity? Pretentious? Unnecessarily serious and not quite in keeping with the sarcastic tone I'd like my blog to develop?

Rats.  Here I am, a self-proclaimed copywriter, and I'm stuck on the tagline for my personal blog.

What say YOU, my doting readership?  Should I stick with random musings, in the hope that over time my confidence will grow and I will eventually be able to imbue this blog with a kind of irreverence that would make random musings seem humorously sarcastic [breathe] or should I drop the tag and go for something that says it like it is from the outset?

I figure I've got a few options:

Any preferences?  Please let me know. You can leave a comment below which would have the added benefit of helping me test this ingenious aspect of blogging.

And if you have any ideas, please feel free to share.  Just note that I will 'moderate' any comments which suggest that I change my tagline to "style file and pretentious bollocks" because, duh, we know!


  1. Testing for you, Pepita... Looks and reads great!! Alejandra xx

  2. Test #2... Looks great, Pepita! I like your signature, too. Your suggestions above made me laugh: "style files and other crap". : )
    xo, Christina

  3. TEST #3

    why not call it

    "style files and other jewels"



  4. random style file... then you can be random any which way... (SJ)

  5. I'd call it all: "Pepita's diamonds" :)

    Ps: on more observation: research indicates that reading white letters on a black background is harder to read, harder on the eye, than reading black on white ....

    Look fwd to reading your random or otherwise thoughts, comments, musings ....

  6. Thank you so much for your comments!

    Martin's managed to spur me on a jewel tangent: I'm thinking style file and random gems or precious nonsense or other facets - or is that just too darn corny?!

    As for the reading white on black, I hear ya, but you what they say about wanking making you blind? Same goes for reading it too. ;)

  7. Black on white may be easier on the eye than silvery white on black. But it's also boring, and who said easy was good? Sounds like bollocks to me.

    Random gems works if you drop the style file but, on balance I'd leave it.