Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Overdressed to Kill

The invitation said "Gala Exceptionnel".
So I dressed accordingly.

Sequinned Dress, Naeem Khan
(a loan from a fabulously glamorous friend in Dallas)

Cashmere & Fox Stole, own label @ Holt Renfrew
(Thanks Mom!)

Ancient black leather evening bag, Fausto Santini @ Harvey Nichols

Really ancient black leather heals, Balenciaga @ Harvey Nichols

Et voila.
(Individual 10 hosiery, Wolford)

The complete ensemble, with stole and a far too serious look on my face.
Taking your own picture in a poorly lit room for the sake of a fashion blog is serious stuff.

Alas, as someone I once worked with used to say, here's the rub:

The only thing 'gala exceptionnel' at the event was me.  It was a lovely dinner for a great cause arranged by an amazing person, but almost everyone else (including the hosts' wife) wore a black trouser suit of the most sober, unadorned variety.  I did catch a glimpse of an Anne Fontaine ruffle peeking from the lapel of one such suit, but the wearer of that ensemble was the most overdressed person in the room, who must have been looking at the redhead in sequins thinking 'Thank G-d!'.  (And there I was, just damn grateful that I'd decided against my first option, which was a clingy one-shouldered floor-length affair.  Thank heaven for small mercies.)

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. Make sure you research an event thoroughly before making a wardrobe decision.  Even if your boyfriend's extremely competent secretary confirms by email a week in advance that the dress code is 'cocktail dress if not formal gown' (ehem...) seek supporting evidence.
2. By ancient, I mean over 10 years old.
3. Yes, the Anne Fontaine woman was thanking 'G-d'.  It was a Jewish event.


  1. seems perfectly acceptable to me! what were the other women thinking when they planned their evening attire?

  2. La Femme Nikita!

  3. A long cigarette holder would have completed the look. Smoking KILLS!

  4. I would choose sequins over a black pant suit any day of the week.