Sunday, 11 March 2012

Patterned Palazzos, If You Please

Sorry.  I just couldn't resist adding that extra p-word to the title of this post.  Alliterative overkill, I know.  Like the patterns on some of this seasons wide-legged pants.

But if truth be told (and I'm sure you'd prefer that it is) I like patterned palazzos and am kicking myself for having given away some beautiful pairs that I had from the last time this trend was a trend.  (You weren't even born then.)  As someone who's personal style tends to err on the side of minimalism, I appreciate the way they add dramatic oomph to a look when the rest of what you're wearing is monochromatic and clean.

The best patterned palazzos have either a cool & beachy feel or are styles that could replace a maxi skirt.  Small, all-over patterns are the easiest to wear, as are gradient patterns up or down a leg.  Large symmetrical patterns can cut the leg or hips in awkward ways so try before you buy.

The all-over print make these a flattering, versatile alternative to plain linen trousers. 

Alberta Ferretti
Seemingly cool pattern and colour but the pattern stops awkwardly at the in-seem.
This breaks the fluidity of the look and winds up looking pants.

Mungo Gurney
I 'd never heard of them either but they're a wiz with silk prints and have a skilled eye for style.
The solid black centre creates the illusion of slim leg, making the rest of the pattern easier to pull off - and put on.
Elizabeth & James @ Net-a-Porter
Tibi @ Net-a-Porter
Yves Saint Laurent @ Matches

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. Despite what you think, height isn't an issue. (If those little Olsen twins can get away with maxi skirts, you can get away with these.)  Just make sure the pattern and cuff-width will still work after you've had them hemmed.
2. I don't know who thought "This will be, like, oh-so irreverently cool!" to pair the €1600 silk YSLs with that shapeless white T-shirt but when I'm made chief constable of the fashion police, they'd better run.

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  1. yes, I was born then...or maybe I wore them AFTER the trend had passed and that's why the cute, older blonde boy I had a crush on exclaimed,"What are you WEARING??" (Black printed palazzos with teeny white flowers- it looked more like a maxi skirt than wide pants but still made me look like a clown. Or was that because my feet were bigger than my boobs in junior high? Maybe I'll try to rock them again...not that particular pair but maybe some new beachy ones on an empty beach but not a nudist beach because that wouldn't make sense.