Sunday, 4 March 2012

Stupid Sh*t Stylists Do

There's a lot insane fashion going on right now, with designers shoving at those boundaries, competing to be the next Alexander McQueen or, with the economy in shreds, perhaps not bothering to compete at all.

Zeitgeist notwithstanding, there's always a mental element to what's shown on the catwalk, as stylists seek to make their runway the most talked about in town.  So out come unwearable palettes of war-paint, mind-boggling hairdos, ridiculous headgear and a myriad of embellishments meant to draw squeals of "oh that's sooo creative!" (mainly from other stylists) while harmonising the models' overall look so that, ultimately, the clothes can speak for themselves.

This is the stupid sh*t stylists do.

Homage to the invisible man?
A.F. Vandevorst F2012RDW

Or the agency sent duff girls.
A.F. Vandevorst F2012RDW

An ad for Tylenol Max Strength.
Ann Demeulemeester F2012RTW

There's something about... a potentially lethal weapon protruding from your head.
Ann Demeulemeester F2012RTW

Going to jail.
Rick Owens F2012RTW

Going to cry!
Rick Owens F2012RTW

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. Despite their stylists' best efforts to prove otherwise, A.F. Vandevorst, Ann Demeulemeester & Rick Owens produced some of the best, most wearable collections of the F2012 season.
2. A.F. Vandevorst (which are two people) and Anne Demeulemeester are Belgian. (See Abandoned and worry.)
3. Stylists don't only do stupid sh*t.  They do good, often great sh*t too.

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