Thursday, 29 March 2012


When Frank Sinatra sang Come Fly With Me, was he thinking Roksanda Ilincic? Probably not.  But had his gal been wearing one of Ilincic's recent creations, they could have saved a fortune in airfares.

Not since the 80's batwing have sleeves been such a fashion feature, with big puffs of billowing fabric threatening to catch a strong breeze and send their wearers aloft.  Ilincic is one of many designers to have transformed the lowly arm into an aeronautical appendage, while others have used capes and flaps to get their clients airborne.

When well executed, this trend is more than just a flight of whimsy; it's a sophisticated nod to the glamour of a bygone era, when flying was a first class experience and stewardesses were pretty.  At other times, it just looks dumb.  Either way, judging by the capes seen on the catwalks for fall 2012, it looks like this trend’s got wings.

Roksanda Ilincic @ Matches
Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony @ Browns

Haute Hippie @ Matches
Haider Achermann @ The Corner

Gwyneth Paltrow in Marc Jacobs

Osman @ Matches
Marni @ The Corner

Balenciaga @ Matches

Erdem @ Matches

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. I would not, under any circumstances, recommend doing the oversize puffy sleeve thing if you’ve got enormous boobs.
2. I would not, under most circumstances, recommend launching yourself off a tall building in any of these.
3. Chloe Sevigny should not give up the day job.  (Which was... ?)
4. In Llamaland there's a one man band who will toot his flute for you.  It’s true!  Ask Michel Buble.

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