Friday, 6 April 2012

An Arctic Style Survival Guide - Part III

Size matters.  Not least when it comes to Arctic style.

Between my enormous space boots, humongous parka and those Santa/ukulele snowpants, it seemed that bigger is better when dressing for the far North.  This was an inconvenient truth:  Chucking streamlined for steam-liner was not something my style sensibilities could easily accept.  Moreover, if bigger was better for staying warm, why couldn't it also look cool?

Then I met Johan.

Johan owns The Guesthouse at Kangos, Sweden, along with his blonde wife Eva, and another couple, Peter and the brunette Maria.  (Think Abba, before they got bitter.)  Together, they've created a place from which polar adventurers and the not-so-adventurous can enjoy the Arctic's magic in comfort and style.

The Guesthouse is brimming with Swedish antiques and modern Scandinavian pieces. The old-fashioned sauna is a marvel and the outdoor jacuzzi is a fabulously indulgent place from which to be gob-smacked by the Aurora Borealis above.

But it was Johan's personal style that struck me the most.  The day we met him, he was wearing a rugged nordic sweater with patchwork sealskin trousers.  Compared to all the oversized Goretex I'd seen since crossing the Arctic circle, his look was relaxed, authentic and seemed pretty damn warm.   The next day he wore a belted leather ensemble.  I had, at long last, found true Arctic style.

Which is more than this Jewish Princess can say about the other royals that were visiting Lapland that week.

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. Size really does matter.  Anyone who says it doesn't is just trying to make you feel better.
2. If you missed the reference to the Santa/ukulele snowpants, read this.
3. You can't imagine how much I wanted to describe the two Swedish couples who own The Guesthouse as a super troop.  In fact, I found it impossible not to.
4. Details about The Guesthouse can be found here.
5. This concludes my Arctic Style series.
6. Before I go, I've gotta show you this:

7. Lapland is way cool.

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