Sunday, 29 April 2012

In Da 'Hood

I live in a pretty decent neighbourhood.

I thank my lucky stars for this fact, each and every day.  If it were down to my own personal resources and credit rating, I'd be living in cardboard under a bridge.  But touch-wood-worthy good fortune - not to mention my fiancĂ© - sees that my current living arrangement involves four solid walls, in a part of Paris that at worst can be described as a little dull.

Which it is.

The cafe culture of the Left Bank and the hip vibe of the Marais are literally and figuratively miles away.   On the other hand, so are the swarms of noisy tourists, littered disused lots and wild graffiti that blight many of Paris’ trendier quartiers.

It was therefore a shock to see that a graffiti artist has taken a shine to my neck of the woods, vandalising the stone surfaces of several local buildings with vicious abandon.  But, this isn't your ordinary tagger.  Instead of spray-painting their name in fat curly script or drawing mega Manga characters to illustrate post-apocalyptic plunder, my local delinquent seems to have opted for simple block capitals and some charcoal or crayon to make his or her point.

In English, no less:

I know what you're thinking.  There goes the neighbourhood.

Paris Style File Followers Take Note:
1. Happy people wrote this?  High people wrote that.
2. You're right.  It's probably two vandals.  Which is tantamount to a gang.  A gang of marauding anglophones. You bet I'm double-locking my door tonight.
3. I'm hoping that the police can identify these ruffians from the shoe treads and finger prints they left by the entrance of 158bis.
4. At least I won't need to trek to St. Germain for post-modern engagement anymore.  Which will save a lot in bus fares.

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  1. Is it my imagination or are those Archie's footprints on that wall?!