Tuesday, 3 April 2012

More Stupid Sh*t Stylists Do

Someone once asked me what my strongest personal characteristic was.  I said resilience.  But humour and good taste are close runners up.  Granted, those last two are highly subjective.  They’re also mutually exclusive, since my humour is rarely in good taste.  I nonetheless resiliently strive to make people laugh - just not at what I’m wearing.

Some fashion stylists (who make their livings as arbiters of good taste) seem to have a wicked sense of humour, which they sometimes choose to demonstrate in lieu of style or taste.  Or perhaps they're just bitterly resentful of the beauties on the catwalk.  "You think you're so pretty; wear this."

Back by popular demand, here's more stupid sh*t stylists do:

So sad.  That mascara wasn't waterproof after all.
A Detacher  F2012RTW 

The stylist clapped his hands and cooed "Imagine a Sumo Wrestler crossed with an American football player!"
And someone actually replied "You're hired."
A Detacher  F2012RTW

Daphne G's new shades?
Alexander McQueen F2012RTW

What she can't see can't hurt her:  Prickly in pink.
Alexander McQueen F2012RTW
Not pretty in pink.
Comme des Garcons F2012RTW

Just not pretty.
Comme des Garcons F2012RTW

Pissed that she agreed to a reduced show fee in exchange for the portfolio shots.
Junya Watanabe F2012RTW

Desperately trying to keep a straight face.
Junya Watanabe F2012RTW  

Can keep any face she wants.
Comme des Garcons F2012RTW
A fresh new look for the KKK.
Comme des Garcons F2012RTW

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. The stylist for A Detacher could have been woman.  The person who hired her (or him) could have been drunk.
2. Some of those pastel plastic wigs seem to have transmuted into actual red carpet hairstyles (think Katy Perry & Kelly Osbourne and sigh)
3. Did The Girl with Dragon Tattoo influence all those bleached eyebrows?  I wonder.
4. Were the model's eyebrows in the Alexander McQueen show bleached too?  We'll never know.
5. All photos were borrowed from www.style.com.

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