Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Speaking of Rings

Despite recent events, my mind hasn't succumb to the single track that blinds many brides-to-be to all but their Big Day.  Granted, this may be because there isn't a Big Day in our future just yet:  We're grown ups, with complicated families and no shotgun in sight, so we're quite happy to amble along in our new state of betrothal without worrying about ceremonies, witnesses and what canapés to serve.

That being said, I have become a little more attune to the rings around me.  Big rocks, infinity bands and classic settings all seem to have added sparkle these days.  But what's really caught my eye is the season's trend for enormous fashion rings - aggressive accessories that could be mistaken for knuckle-dusters and should not be allowed on flights.  Designed to shock, intimidate or actually impale, we're talking about big ass rings that pack a mean punch.

Which, come to think of it, makes them perfect to wear at sample sales.

Alexander McQueen | Skull Shark Tooth Ring @ Matches
Frank Montialoux | Dracula Ring @ Montaigne Market
Nak Armstrong |  Diamond Cocktail Ring @ Barneys
Sandra Dini | Red Coral Ring @ Barneys
Ileana Makri | Cone Ring @ Montaigne Market
Tom Binns | Class Stud Ring @ Selfridges
Pamela Love | Bronze Steak Ring @ Browns

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. To clarify, the mention of shotguns was a reference to shotgun weddings, and in no way related to complicated families.
2. The canapés at my bf's wedding last weekend were exquisite. If you fancy some fancy take-a-way in Paris, visit Dalloyau.
3. Seriously people.  Some of these rings are downright ugly.  You'd remove a wart from your finger.  Why wear one?
4. I'm pretty sure that the Nak Armstrong ring was an extra in Alien.
5. Next time you see me at a sample sale, you'd better drop the blazer I was eyeing.  Now.


  1. Pepita - how could you leave out the YSL Arty ring?!?!?! I'm obsessed!

  2. OMG RUTH - the ARTY was the first one that I clipped! I meant to put it after the Sandra Dini. Thanks for pointing out this terrible oversight! (BTW - which colour do you covet?)

  3. Where are all the sample sales in Paris?!