Friday, 20 April 2012

Speaking of Weddings

My best friend is getting married this weekend.

She's been my bf in Paris ever since I got here, thanks to some stellar matchmaking by a mutual friend. Among other things, my bf and I clicked over a shared love of fashion and a propensity to giggle inappropriately during Japanese tea ceremonies (cue, projectile matcha). Despite, or perhaps because of the matcha incident, she asked me to be her witness at her civil wedding - an honour which I accepted with joy.   Accepting to help her find the perfect little white dress, not so much.

Despite the avalanche of white that’s recently swept across catwalks and shops, finding “the one” wasn't as easy as we thought.  Or should I say, it was easier than either of us imagined which is why it was so hard. Right at the beginning, we found "the one" but couldn't believe our luck.  So four months later we were still searching - and going snow-blind in the process - only to come back to the same understated, sophisticated LWD that had first caught our eye.

My bf's dress will be revealed at her City Hall ceremony this Saturday.  In the meantime, here’s a selection of other options for anyone else planning a chic, urban knot-tying this spring.

Azzedine Alaia @ Matches
L Wren Scott @ Matches
Alice by Temperly @ Net-a-Porter

Jil Sander
Roksanda Ilincic @ Stylebop

Osman @ Matches

Ralph Lauren @ Net-a-Porter
Notte by Marchesa @ Net-a-Porter

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. Snot is not the only green substance that can come out of one's nose.
2. I have been forbidden from drinking matcha tea, or any other coloured beverage, while anywhere near my bf on Saturday.
3. If you're in Paris and would like to experience a genuine Japanese tea ceremony visit Musée Guimet.
4. In case you didn't get it, LWD stands for Little White Dress, which is the LBD of Spring/Summer 2012.
5. Nuptials aren't necessary to wear any of these.  Just don't wear one to a wedding as a guest, or you might find yourself utterly friendless.  ("I can't believe the bitch wore white." "I can't believe the bride did either.")
6. Do you see how decided to merchandise their white dresses?  Do you know how many other online fashion retailers thought that presenting white dresses on white backgrounds would be a good idea too? My opthamologist says I should recover in a few weeks.

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