Friday, 4 May 2012

When Ruching Goes Wrong

Ruching's great.  It can cover up a multitude of sins.  Retaining a little water?  Wear a ruched dress.  Can't say no to dessert?  Good thing you've got that ruched skirt on.

But there's ruching, and then there's ruching - ruching for its own sake - when the draping looks more fattening than flattering, leaving one to wonder whether the designer got a *little* carried away with an extra bolt of fabric, a pin tomato and a blot of LSD.

Then again, this anti-style statement may have deeper meaning, the way Christian Dior lavished his New Look with meters of hard-to-come-by fabric in the post war world of rationing.  Perhaps today's designers are using their random ruches to stick it to Merkel's austerity measures. Cut backs?  Pleat this!

Regardless of the reason, I'm not a fan of this season's ridiculous ruching, as you may have gathered.

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Style File Followers Take Note:
1. Is it just me, or did it take you a mighty long time to scroll down past that first model?  I thought her legs would never end.
2. If you're trying to work out whether the ruching on a garment is right or wrong, ask yourself this: Does it look like I mistakenly tucked this item of clothing into my underwear when getting dressed?  If you answer yes, take it off.
3. Lord love whoever first came up with the tomato-shaped pin cushion.  Talk about being on drugs.

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  1. I personally like little Indian elephant pin cushions. Is that animal cruelty? Or some sort of voodoo? Ruche away!