Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Make No Beaunes About It

Burgundy is beautiful.

The wines are magnificent.

The dining is divine.

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. On our second day in Burgundy we visited two wine estates: Chateau de Pommard and Chateau de Meursault. Our Pommard experience was exceptional - Pommard IS luxury.  The Chateau is gorgeous, with a contemporary art gallery and the owner's personal collection of Dali sculptures on permanent display. The way the wine is made warrants the eye-watering price - they practically breast feed each grape.  To taste the 2008 vintage is to feel like a Rockefeller.  (To buy the 2010 vintage is to be a Rockefeller.)  The Chateau de Meursault experience is less luxurious but also rewarding.  The village of Meursault is postcard perfect. And I hereby declare that Chateau de Meursault Premier Cru 2008 is my favourite white wine.
2. That's me at Chateau de Pommard, wearing a George Hogg twinset dress. (Number 13 on the list.)
3. That's the fine dining room at the Hostellerie de Levernois, where some mighty fine dining is done.
4. If you're in France/near France/thinking about France, visit Burgundy.  Then sign up for AA and join a gym.

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