Tuesday, 5 June 2012

White Lines That Blow My Mind

Sun exposure carries risks.

It appears that some designers are particularly risk averse, believing that we should be spending the summer under humongous parasols, thereby preventing any and all sunshine from teasing the melanin in our skin. What else could possibly explain this season's crop of asymmetrical bathing suits, monokinis and bizarrinis, guaranteed to leave the most awkward tan-lines imaginable.

Unless your preferred look for summer is a turtleneck, the only way to wear any of the following swimsuits is in the shade.  As for those of us who like to walk on the beach, swim in the sea and catch a few rays, play it safe with factor 50 and wear a bandeau for a uniform shoulder-to-shoulder glow.

Jets @ Net-a-Porter
Herve Leger @ Net-a-Porter
Norma Kamali @ Net-a-Porter
Alexander Wang @ Barney's
Lanvin @ Barney's
Lisa Marie Fernandez @ Barney's
VPL @ Barney's
Agent Provocateur

Missoni @ Net-a-Porter
We Are Handsome @ Selfridge's

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. When did monokini stop being another word for topless?
2. I just made up the word bizarrini.  Let's see if it takes.
2. That Missoni swimsuit should be renamed a drownsuit.
3. Yes, the Agent Provocateur swimsuit is very sexy. Until you take it off, zebra-woman.
4. Yes, there is new brand on the block called VPL.  Just what we all try to avoid.
5. Wear sunscreen.

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