Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Beauty Contest

As we drove off into the sunset at the end of our legendary Italian adventure, Monsieur asked me which I'd preferred; Hotel Splendido and Portofino or Villa d'Este and Lake Como.

That was well over 1200km ago and I still haven't answered.

Both were exceptional hotels in exceptionally beautiful places.  As was the villa in Tuscany.  As was our stay in Beaune.  Beauty - extreme prettiness - was a savage theme throughout our holiday; our eyes had been forced to endure an onslaught of breathtaking vistas, poor things.

While I could split hairs about elements of the hotels' services or activities (I thought the food and restaurant service at Splendido was better, although Elio, the chief barman at Villa d'Este, was wonderful; and there's more to do in the Lake Como area than around Portofino, but I did see at otter near Portofino which trumps water-skiing on Lake Como in my opinion) I couldn't possibly chose a preference between the two because they were both so damn beautiful!

So let me ask you, dear style file followers, which do you prefer?

1. The view from the terrace of Hotel Splendido...

or from the terrace at Villa d'Este?

2.  The view from our terrace at Hotel Splendido...

or from our terrace at Villa d'Este?

3. My juice at Hotel Splendido...

 or my juice at Villa d'Este?

4. The swimming pool at Hotel Splendido (flutter-kicking Monsieur not withstanding)...

or the pool at Villa d'Este...

or even the pool in Tuscany?

5. And what about the vineyards of Tuscany...

versus the vineyards of Burgundy?

6. Not to mention doing my nails in Tuscany...

and my pedicure at Villa d'Este.

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. I'm serious. Please let me know which you thought the prettiest part of our damn glam drive to Italy was.  Or the coolest. Or the part you'd most like to do. Then let's rob a bank and book it for next year.
2. I'm really serious. I want to know what you think. You can leave a comment below OR you can try the super cool 'poll' that I've added to the sidebar on the right.
3. I'm not really serious about the bank robbing thing, fyi.
4. My crappy blackberry camera didn't do justice to the stunning scenery that we saw.  So, as of yesterday, I am now a former blackberry user in favour of a Galaxy S3 with a great camera.  And terrible communication features and appalling battery life.  Which is driving me mad.  But it has a great camera.
5. Okay fine, so my post degenerated from a beauty contest; beauty therapy contest. You got me.
6. And for those who'd like to know exactly where to find all this darn beauty, the googlemap of our trip can be found here.

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