Friday, 6 July 2012

A Day in the Life of Florence

Before saying arrivaderchi to Tuscany and heading north to the Italian lakes, we spent a very special day in Florence.  Florence is special regardless, but this day was special for three distinct reasons:

1. It involved a visit to The Mall, the best of the designer outlet malls outside of Florence, where the likes of Gucci, Tod's and Loro Piana dump their excess merchandise.  Had we not been pressed for time, we could have done serious damage there.  As it happens, I only managed two pairs of shoes in the hour and a half that we had, and I spent the rest of our trip kicking myself for that planning oversight.

2. It involved lunch on the terrace of the Four Seasons Hotel, which, even though my birthday had already passed, involved cake!

3. It ended with a very special encounter between Monsieur and his childhood penpal with whom he'd maintained a friendship yet had never met.  She was lovely. There were tears.

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. If you think I'm dragging this whole holiday tale out a bit, you're damn right I am. It was so friggin' incredible, I wanted it to last forever.  Instead I'll see how long I can make these posts last.
2. If you can't read the label, the nude pumps are Stella McCartney.
3. A few un-blurred photos of my post-birthday birthday lunch at the Four Seasons exist, but they reveal the full extent of my hat head.  (Note for future reference.)
4. That's the dress I bought at a shop called Milano in Portofino.  Provided you don't have butch arms, strapless maxi-dresses are the secret for holiday dressing. Lightweight, easy to pack, and a damn site more attractive than those shorts and t-shirts you see behind me.
5. David is hot.

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