Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Packing List for the Olympics?


A casual conversation between Monsieur and a friend who works for an American broadcasting company (and not the much derided NBC network, fyi) has yielded last minute tickets to an event at the Lympics and OMG - we're going!  In an hour!

So what does one pack for a spur-of-the-moment, 24-hour jaunt across the channel to take in "London 2012" and its Olympic Park?!

If the athletes are anything to go by, I'll need:

- really short shorts

- chinos

- a parka

grrr... I can't find a corroborating photo online in the time I have,
but when you watch the swimmers enter the arena, you'll notice some of the Chinese guys wearing huge beige parkas by the pool. Which is indoors. In August. Perhaps not so much grrr... as brrr... ?

- a bedspread

- and a penguin suit!

All that and a toothbrush and I'm set. Hello men's synchronised diving, here I come!

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. OMG!
2. I'll never understand why the volleyball teams wear bikinis while the swimmers seem fully clothed.
3. I also find it very odd that the women's swimsuits seem to be cut for men.  Does breast-stroke proficiency preclude breasts?
4. I've always been proud to be Canadian, but when our team came out in that ode to Brooks Brothers, I reached for my British passport and adopted a Cockney accent.
5. Admit it. You've had 50 Shades of Synchronised Divers in your head too.


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