Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Packing List for...

I know what you're thinking.

"Another one."

And you know what?

I'm thinking the same thing too.

Don't get me wrong: I am incredibly grateful for all the travelling I do (thanks largely to Monsieur) and 2012 has been exceptional.  In the past 6 months I've been to the Olympics, dog-sledded in the Arctic, taken a private jet to Cannes and pretended not to get giddy at the sight of George Clooney's home by Lake Como.  That makes me a pretty lucky lady and I thank my lucky stars (and Monsieur) every day.

But, if truth be told... I've got packing list fatigue.

Or maybe it's packing fatigue.  (Which includes un-packing fatigue and laundry fatigue.)

Or maybe it's just that I'm starting to get bored of my holiday wardrobe.  Not that I'm not grateful for all the cool stuff I've accumulated over the years.  It's just that at the end of the day, my shopping budget can't keep up with Monsieur's travel plans, so my packing lists are starting to look the same.

Take a look at my latest list:

Recognise anything?

Dress 1, for example, is the periwinkle blue George Hogg sleeveless t-shirt dress and matching cardigan which I wore when we visited Chateau de Pommard on our way to Italy.  Dresses 2 & 3 are other easy George Hogg pieces which I packed for Italy too.  4 is the long strapless dress which I bought in Italy and 5 is the long black strapless dress that I wore hiking near Portofino. In fact, the only item that you haven't seen before is 10, which is a gossamer-light white cotton Michael Kors cover-up that I bought in the sale when we got back from Italy, thinking 'Gosh, I could have used this at Splendido'.

You probably don't recognise the shoes though, because my shoe drawings are particularly crap.  Maybe these will help:

You've already seen the leopard print sandals (last week at the Olympics) and the black espadrille wedges are a perennial travel favourite.  You haven't seen the gold strappy sandals before but that's only because after 10 years of good use, the buckle broke and I only just had them repaired.  The black Joseph flat sandals are new - my other sale find and a treasured one at that, having spent the past 2 seasons searching for a replacement for my last pair. (They're a shoe no holiday wardrobe should be without, as are the strappy gold heels, which go with everything and take up no space.)

So that's my latest packing list.  Nothing OMG.  Just enough lightweight and easy-to-pack clothing to get me through our latest trip.

Which is a week in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. OMG.  It just hit me.  While writing this post surrounded by luggage and shoes and the other list I have that includes vital reminders like 'passport' and 'blackberry charger' it just dawned on me that I'm going to California tomorrow!  And Vegas after that!  And I've never been to either! OMG!
2. The cover-up that I bought for Splendido will get its first wearing by the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel!
3. This time when I see a celebrity's house, what the hell: I'm gonna get giddy!
4. Cal-i-for-nia, here I come...
5. How does the rest of that song go?
6. The day I wore that black strapless maxidress hiking in Portofino is also the day I saw a wild otter! It must be my lucky dress! I guess I'll be wearing it to a slot machine then!
7. VEGAS!  V-E-G-A-S!  B-A-B-Y!
8. Fuck packing fatigue. I'm so excited I could platz!
9. Look it up.
10. Speaking of yiddish and Las Vegas (or speaking yiddish in Las Vegas) I wonder if I'll bump into Sheldon Adelson so I can double Sarah's offer in person.

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