Sunday, 19 August 2012

Flat Out in LA & Las Vegas

Greetings from The Beverly Hills Hotel.  Or more specifically, poolside, at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

That's Monsieur's arm, mid-backstroke, on our first morning in LA.  And this is me:

The Beverly Hills Hotel tote bag was on loan from a friend.  I thought it would be fun to fully brand a photo, with the bag and matching cabana boy in the background.

This was my poolside look, without the bag and cabana boy:

That's the Michael Kors cover-up which I wish I'd had in Portofino.  And those are the Joseph t-thong flats which no summer suitcase should be without.  Underneath, I'm wearing a zebra striped bikini and a bit of extra weight (thank-you, American waffles and mini-bar snacks).  I love that bikini, but it didn't quite match up to these:

Those are the Aqualilies, who provided us lucky guests at The Beverly Hills Hotel with cocktail hour entertainment worthy of Olympic Goldschlager.

And that's what I wore while taking in the show: Sportmax dress, Dior clutch and those day-to-evening, go with anything, super versatile Joseph t-thong flats.  (How I wish I'd been sporting a flowered cap too; a packing note for next time.)

The flats made another appearance when we hit Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

Although Monsieur had other ideas when it came to footwear that day:

Poor Monsieur had to hang up the blades when we got to Vegas.  But my flats were out in full force, perfect for walking along The Strip in 42oC heat and ducking into casinos to win big.

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. The key to a travel-worthy t-thong flat is a black sole. Tan-soled t-thong flats (like K-Jacques) don't do day-to-night, whereas an all black t-thong flat can do anything.  (Except possibly sing or run for Governor. Although maybe in Nevada?)
2. They don't, I'll admit, do the pool as well I'd have liked.  My big (and only) packing regret was not to have brought a pair of backless flip flops for lazily slipping-on when headed for a swim.  Whether tan-soled or black-soled, the buckle on a t-tong flat can steal minutes from valuable tanning time.
3. That's just water draining from her swimsuit, I'm sure.
4. The Beverly Hills Hotel was awesome.  AWESOME.  The history of the place is memorising and the mini bar treats were worth forfeiting a bikini-bod by the pool.  More chocolate covered blueberries anyone?
5. That's the casino at The Bellagio in Las Vegas.  That's a cashout voucher for 40 cents.  Luck was not my lady that night, even if my t-thong flats (and Agnes B strapless linen dress, thank you) were packing-list winners.

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