Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Chloé Toé

Okay.  The title sucks.  It beyond sucks.  It Sarah Ferguson sucks.  Trying to get toe to rhyme with Chloé in a bid to kick-start a post about Chloé shoes is pathetic.  I'm mortified.  But I'm doing it anyway.

As dedicated style file followers will recall, I attended Chloé's spring/summer ready-to-wear show last autumn and was struck by what the models wore on their feet.  Today, after months of wondering and wishing, I finally made it to the brand's newly opened flagship on Rue Saint Honoré to look at their shoes and see if what had caught my eye on the catwalk came in my size.

What I found wasn't just the collection of edgy metallic heels that originally drew my attention, but a whole array of chic yet comfortable summer staples.  From funky flats to chunky wedges, Chloé's shelves were lined not just with this season's must-haves but with every summer's simple necessities.  I was in awe.  And on the road to financial ruin.

In the end, I looked at the one viable credit card in my wallet and it gave me the finger, so I left with just a single pair of shoes and a vow to save my centimes and go back when Mr. Visa's in a better mood.

Behold Chloé's extremely versatile and easy-to-travel-with black leather flat sandal...

...which also comes as a two-tone...
...and with a heel.
I'm not entirely convinced about the "floating look" that the nude strap across the toes creates...
...but another colour like red or cognac will help the wearer look more grounded...

...and, of course, black rocks.
If you want a neutral lift, these laser-cut wedges go with everything...
...while these scalloped-edged flats are more down to earth...
...and come in a variety of neutral-ish colours including black, which rocks.
Finally, as an alternative flat, these "proper" ballerinas are perfect for more feminine dresses...
...and my yoga bottoms, which is how I'm wearing them now!

Style File Followers Take Note:
1. You remember the whole Fergie toe-sucking episode, right?  Or are you lucky enough to have expunged that from your memory?  Sorry if it all comes flooding back now.
2. I feel the need to justify this post before anyone thinks it was paid-for (which it definitely wasn't): Over the years I have spent hours if not days looking for and failing to find great summer footwear basics.  To find them all in one place was nothing short of a miracle.
3. Next miracle would be for my credit cards to work.
4. I love these ballet slippers!  Far more sophisticated than sloppy Repettos.  And just the right amount of toe-cleavage.
5. I almost forgot!  The cool metallic heels that originally tickled my fancy can be seen on Chloé's website.  If you're going to a wedding this summer, consider a pair from this collection: the fat stacked heels won't sink into a wet lawn like your friend's stilettos.
6. That last comment was intended more for my female followers, fyi.