Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A(nother) Packing List for Cannes

Uma Thurman.  Nicole Kidman.  Justin Timberlake.  Michael Douglas.  Matt Damon.

In my suitcase?  All neatly folded and wrapped in plastic to protect them from the kind of wrinkles that Botox can't help?

No, not really.  My suitcase isn't big enough.  Besides - I didn't need to bring them because they were all already there, at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, where the stars and random Canadian interlopers like myself hang out during the Cannes Film Festival.

Instead, my packing list included:

- a Pinko ruched top, Jigsaw full skirt, Dior clutch and iBlues two-strap heels, seen here worn on its own:

or as an ensemble with Emma Watson and Sofia Coppola:

- an Apostrophe knitted top, Italia Independent glasses and Sacha Baron Cohen:

- a Joseph sequinned mini dress accessorised with Michel Quissy and Jean Claude Van Damme:

and a Sportmax Code leather and jersey dress, Chelsea leather jacket and Christian Louboutin:

Style File Followers Take Note:
- Imagine my embarrassment when I bumped into our old mate Christian wearing my iBlues two-straps.  No wonder Monsieur cut off my feet in this photo.
- For the record, iBlues (a subsidiary of Max Mara) was around way before iMacs.
- Remember Van Damme's breakout movie, Kickboxer?  Michel Quissy was the baddie.  (Although in my books, he's a goodie; J-CVD not so much.)
- The Pinko top is 8 years old and the skirt is about 10.  That makes them Vintage, right?
- Michael Douglas looked amazing in real life.  A real surprise.  If that's the result of work, I want his doctor's number.
- Also sighted were Kirstin Dunst (very sweet), Tamara Beckwith (everyone but my British followers are saying Who?) and Nick Foulks (ibid, unless you read Finch's Quarterly, which you must).
- Don't tell Monsieur but isn't it obvious that SBC and me were meant to be together?  I saw him at Cannes last year too.  It's a sign.

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