Thursday, 2 May 2013

Flying the Fashion Skies

3 months?  Has it really been 3 months?

I know I've gone off the radar before, but never for such a long time.  My apologies to all of you dedicated Style File followers - I can't imagine how difficult File withdrawal has been!  I've spoken to someone at The Priory in London about how to help you and they suggested that I ease you back into things slowly.  Which partly explains the brevity of this post.

The other part has to do with my new job which is awesome but totally time-consuming.  (Hence the dearth of posts of late, in case you need these things spelled out.)  I don't want to say what I'm doing just yet - I'd prefer to wait until it starts to bear fruit - but let's just say that anyone who really knows me will know it's the perfect fit.

To that end I'll leave you junkies on a high with this video featuring Miranda Kerr modelling Qantas' cool new look.

Style File Followers Take Note:
1.  So the question is, was the person I spoke to at The Priory a doctor or a patient?  Mwah-ha-ha...
2.  No, I haven't just spent the past 3 months as an inpatient, thank you. Although I would defeintely categorise the past 2 months as insane.
3.  It's interesting to see that Qantas has decided to bring back that rule from the pre-politically-correct era of only hiring slim stewardesses.  (I can't see a hefty munter wearing that dress - can you?)
4.  I wonder if people booking on Qantas will select their seat based on colour preference.  Right side of the plane for pink nuts.
5.  Someone who hasn't seen me in 20 years told me that I look/ed like Miranda Kerr.  At which point I unsubscribed from video Skype.  (The truth will remain our little secret, okay?)

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