Sunday, 2 April 2017

A(nother) Packing List for Lapland

If once is human and twice is careless, three times is a certified addiction.

Judge me if you must but I just can’t get enough of the white stuff.  Forget the Alpine powder favoured by speed freaks – I’m talking about the purer kind of crystal found in the very far north.  Snowshoeing across Swedish Lapland’s frozen wetlands is my buzz of choice.

Packing for this kind of trip isn’t easy but, having done it twice before, I've nearly got it down pat.  Roughly speaking, an eight-night stay translates to an assortment of base layers, mid layers and shells, tonnes of socks and various skinny jean & cashmere combos for communal dinners by the fire.  It means bulkier baggage than I normally travel with, but -20c calls for certain concessions.

One concession that I refuse tto make is footwear.  A whole week without a Rossi or red sole is just too big an ask.

While the guesthouse provides ultra-insulted monster boots for Borealis chasing at midnight (yes, that's a thing - a really magical thing) it's nice to slip into something less stifling for sipping cloudberry liquor in the main lodge.  Remembering this from a previous stay, I figured that a pair of Jimmy Choo sneakers would be a practical way to provide me with the luxury indulgence I craved.

A change of shoes at the entrance to the lodge: My poor Choos, surrounded.

If only I'd realised that the socks that I wear with the monster boots are too thick for my Choos, which made my mealtime footwear swap a total pain in the tootsie.

Anticipating next years' Arctic Adventure already, I've decided my next sartorial investment:

Furry sandals by Celine.  One of those fashion WTF moments that suddenly made sense.

Style File Followers Take Note:

1.  It would, therefore, seem that I have two addictions - snowshoeing in Lapland and shoes in general.  But twelve steps require footwear so I guess I'm fucked.

2. Other packing tips for Lapland?

  - The crisp climate will have your skin begging for special treatment.  Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse after a sauna feels sensational, even if the scent is more Cote d'Azur than Arctic Circle.

  - For selfies' sake, bring lots of hats.  You might spend the week in the same ski jacket but careful cropping will keep your Instagram feed nice and fresh.
  - You can never have enough snoods.   Frozen breath and serious amounts of snot need management.

  - See Pinterest for more.

3. Lapland Guesthouse.  No excuses, now that you know how to pack.