Pepita Who?

Pepita Diamand.  (With an 'a'.)

And before you ask, yes, that's my real name.

And if you're asking yourself "So who does this Pepita Diamand (with an 'a') think she is, and why should I follow her style blog?" let me try and explain.

My sense of style came at an early age: My first word was Gucci.  My second was Balenciaga.  (My mom will back me up on this.)

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and went to St Andrews University in Scotland, where I majored in Economic and Social History.  Instead of studying for my finals, I entered Vogue’s Talent Contest for Young Writers and was selected as one of four finalists from a field of hundreds.  (I also managed to get my MA with honours, thank gawd.  My mom would have killed me.)

After graduation, I returned to Canada where I became a freelance writer and stylist for various fashion magazines.

Life (and, okay, a guy) back in Europe beckoned, and when I returned to London in 1996, I was offered an opportunity to work in the fledgling field of Internet development.

I knew that online was where it was at, so I put aside my dreams of becoming the next Diana Vreeland (“Why don’t you wash your child’s hair in champagne?” My hero!) and I went for it, even though the job was with a telecoms company.  Needless to say, broadband and Vreeland are not the same thing.

Alas, my passion for fashion wouldn’t abate, so I started looking for opportunities that would marry my internet development expertise with my skills as a writer and my keen eye for style.  In 2000 my eyes were opened to the wedding gift list market - which, granted, has nothing to do with clothing, but does involve beautiful decor and home accessories - and I began to develop the concept behind Wrapit.

Based on my vision of a design-oriented online department store and style magazine supported by a network of off-line shops, Wrapit became the biggest wedding gift list specialist in Britain.  It was the first online service in the world to sell such prestigious brands as Hermes and Christofle, and was touted in the halls of Vogue House as being the meter for what’s hot in homewares.

I was and remain a proud pioneer of ‘clicks and mortar’ retail and as a result [if you find all this self-aggrandisement sickening, look away now] I was chosen as one of Management Today’s “35 Women Under 35 to Watch” in 2006, was included in the prestigious Courvoisier Future 500 list in 2007 and received the National Business Awards “Chairman’s Commendation” in 2008.

That year I also took part in the Channel 4 (UK) television documentary called “Millionaires’ Mission”, which featured successful entrepreneurs fostering enterprise in Uganda.  The experience made a profound impression on me, and I continue to support small-scale and meaningful African development programmes such as The Edirisa Foundation and The Kampala Kids League.

Unfortunately, Wrapit collapsed at the beginning of 'the crisis' and the loss and consequences were difficult to bear.  But resilience is one of my defining qualities.  Resilience and humour, although that second one may be subjective.

I have subsequently emerged as an independent consultant, applying my creative skills, internet savvy and brand-building experience to a variety of projects under the heading Integrated Communications.  This involves taking a holistic, cross-channel approach to such marketing activities as copywriting, website and product development.  My professional profile can be found at

I recently moved to Paris where I’ve been documenting my quest to find out what gives Parisians their “je ne sais quoi” at - that is - until I decided to get personal, with a blog of my very own.

Welcome to Pepita Style File.


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